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#Blogmas18 day 15: Christmas Day menu

One of our traditions is to avoid turkey, I’m a vegetarian and no one actually enjoys the taste so choose alternatives. This year Chris and the children will be having gammon and chicken while I have the beef Quorn roast. There will be 2 types of stuffing and gravy so that I can join in […]

The Storm Girl’s Secret by Ceri Lowe

  This is the final book in the excellent young adult fiction series The Paradigm Triology (read my reviews of book one and two!) Alice has been hidden underground, frozen in time for 80 years. Her discovery gives hope to the ‘rebels’ who want to creat a better world. The new Controller General is none […]

#GlobalBlogging 91

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging! I am very excited to have been invited to join as a host for 2018. This year we have the extra twist that we want to be more active on social media (see below to get your posts shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). Please encourage your […]

So call me, maybe..?

As you may have seen on my social media and #Project365 post, I have been struggling with positivity this week as we have had our phone, internet and TV connection broken. For weeks, our local area has been under siege by ‘essential gasworks’ by SGN. There have been lane closures, huge holes in the road […]

#Blogmas18 day 14: Christmas jumper day

2017 was the first time we’d got Christmas jumpers (well, long sleeved tops but I’ll get onto that in a minute!) and we will be reusing the same ones this year as they still fit! Actually, Zach’s was Matthew and Anya’s before him so I have got my money’s worth! I bought a Christmas jumper […]