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My very own website!!! Yikes!


What’s new at the Body Shop? VIP Blogger Event, Reading

I rarely go in to town to go shopping now I have children but during my teenage years and early 20s I was always in there and The Body Shop was high on my visit list each time. My first makeup came from there and I loved their Ananya and vanilla perfumes as well as […]

The Brilliant Blogger Award

THE BRILLIANT BLOGGER AWARD The Brilliant Blogger Award is here to celebrate all the bloggers out there that make you go ‘WOW, Oooohhhh, and Aaahhhhhh’. It’s for the bloggers that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, the ones that make you read every word they have written, and for the ones that have you […]

The joy of spam comments

Everyone knows about the joy of spam. My email addresses are inundated and the spam folder gets used a lot! My blog gets hundreds of spam comments every week. Some are just a website looking for promotion while others are over the top with compliments in the hope that I might approve them or nasty […]

BlogOnX: friendly, fascinating and fabulous

So the whole purpose of our family trip to Manchester was the blogging conference! I went to BlogOnXmas last year and had an amazing time so was one of the first people to buy a ticket this time. Blog On was celebrating its 10th fab event (congratulations!) so that gave us a sneaky suspicion that […]

Looking to my blog’s future

Writing a blog has been a steep learning curve for me! I am not very technologically savvy so am very reliant on my in-house expert Chris! Two years ago I hadn’t got a clue about coding, wouldn’t have any idea how to run a website. Now I am reasonably confident about most elements and I […]

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