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#Blogmas18 day 10: Christmas cocktails

I am not really a fan of cocktails any more (wine, it’s all about the wine now!) But Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a Snowball. The simplest way to make this is to mix together advocaat and lemonade in equal measure (or adjust to your own taste and need!) Of course, in this cold […]

#Blogmas18 day 9: my favourite Christmas jokes

I hear a lot of jokes as the kids try to out do each other. Even Zach joins in (thanks YouTube for this one that I endure multiple times a day: Knock, knock. Who’s there? The door) But when it actually comes to Christmas jokes, my knowledge and that of the kids is surprisingly lacking. […]

#Blogmas18 day 8: Christmas craft ideas

Apparently it is time to get crafty, something which you know I am not keen on! However, after seeing the joy on Zach’s face when he made a ghost for Halloween, I decided to get the PVA glue and cotton wool out again 🙂 Simply cut out a snowman shape. Draw on a face and […]

#Blogmas18 day 7: Christmas party playlist

When putting up our Christmas decorations, we listen to the same music that we have listend to for the last 30 something years. Is is just me or are modern Christmas songs just rubbish??? The last good song was Stay Another Day by East 17 and even that isn’t too Christmassy apart from the ringing […]

#Blogmas18 day 6: Christmas through the years

Christmas was always so exciting as a child but there was a lull in my teens and early twenties 🙁 Thankfully having children re-ignites the fun! First Christmas for each of my three little ones: 2010, 2012 and 2016. Christmas is also tinged with a little sadness now as I think back to family members […]