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Our Sweet Desiny by Addison Cole: review and giveaway

This is the second book in Addison Cole’s Braden family series (read my review of number one here) The family feud that was mentioned in the first book becomes the central theme of this book, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet (actually just noticed that the lead lovers have the same initials!) Rex Braden had been […]

Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh

This is a spectacular psychological thriller! Valerie Keogh introduces us to Ellie and Will whose lives are devastated when they find out that Ellie cannot have children. At the same time, she receives notification that the sheltered housing her twin sister lives in is closing down. Tia goes to live with the couple but Ellie […]

The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland

This book had me gripped from the very first chapter. A child going missing is a nightmare every parent dreads. It happens to Gemma at the start of The Perfect Family but thankfully quickly has a happy outcome. Then other things start happening which put Gemma and her family at odds with their friends and […]

Missing Lies by Chris Collett

  Back in September I reviewed Buried Lies which I really enjoyed and now I have read the next book in the series featuring Tom Mariner. In this book, Tom is working with a new team as his old colleagues are on maternity leave or have been seconded to another case. Women are going missing […]

Promise Me by Jade Beer

This book really affected me and I sobbed for about 30 minutes when I finished it. It wasn’t that the ending was particularly sad but the book was so real and human that I felt I had gone on an emotional journey with the characters. It wasn’t until I read the acknowledgments at the end […]