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Project 365 2018

#Project365 week 7

Half term week! I have loved having all 3 kids home together this week and we have made the most of family time with Chris having a day off too! Day 42: Chris and I went to our first wedding fair to get some ideas and drink champagne! Day 43: Chris had the day off […]

#Project365 week 6

It has been a busy week yet again! As you can see from the first picture, we have had my mother in law staying with us this week as she continues to recuperate from her hip replacement. The children have been busy with end of half term discos, homework and the general tiredness that is […]

#Project365 week 5

The sleeplessness of last week has improved a little and Zach stayed in bed on his own for the whole night last night, hurrah! I’m relieved January is finally over, it just seemed to go on and on with relentless dreariness (although we have woken up to rain AGAIN today – poor little robin in […]

#Project365 week 4

How has your week been? Mine has been crazily busily with a Scout executive meeting, a work meeting, all the usual emails, exam invigilation 3 mornings, keeping on top of my blog, Matthew had an extra Beavers session and then today I was in London. Day 21: we had a meal out at Bella Italia […]

Project 365 Week 3

Big events and the everyday are mixed together this week. Day 14: well, the big news of the week was… we announced our engagement and are getting married in August! Day 15: little Zach toasting our happy news with water 🙂 Day 16: all the toys in the world and all every kid wants is […]

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