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Should I make my children vegetarian or vegan?

I’m now two thirds of the way through my first month as a vegan and am all set to continue, hopefully for the rest of my life. This week I have hit a new dilemma as preparing meat for the children to eat made me feel physically sick to the point of retching. I always […]

Diary of a vegan day 11-15

  I’m really loving batch cooking and leftovers. Day 11’s lunch was thai green tofu curry from the day before. For tea I was a little bit uninspired and underwhelmed. Chris was away for the night so I wanted something quick and easy and decided to try the CoOp tomato soup. It was just like […]

Miami Burger, Reading : it’s all vegan!

Now I’m a vegan, eating out feels a little bit daunting. Combined with my wheat allergy, it means a lot of research and planning has to go into any attempt to eat out. Then I spotted that a new vegan takeaway and restaurant has opened in Reading and I couldn’t resist trying it out. EVERYTHING […]

Diary of a vegan day 6-10

Feeling very positive and really on a roll now! Day 6 signified the end of the Christmas holidays so we had a treat: McDonalds! You may have seen in the news that they have released a new vegan option so that’s what I went for! The taste was great but it wasn’t very filling (although […]

Daily nutrients, weight loss and more at the Vegan Supplement Store

Since becoming vegan, I have discovered that my eating habits are not what I thought. I used to graze (snack!) during the day but I find it more difficult now as I cannot have nuts and fresh fruit due to my allergies. Plus I was drinking about a pint of milk which kept me feeling […]