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Wedding Wednesday: a legal rant

I am a little bit cross. I have been kind of preoccupied in a happy way about the wedding (no surprise!) but my attention has been drawn to something that has really wound me up. Over half term, both a friend and my sister have mentioned to me that we need to re-register Zach’s birth. Why? […]

Wedding Wednesday: planning the perfect honeymoon in 2018

Research shows that amongst couples who choose a traditional wedding, 99% of them go on a honeymoon — it’s all part of the wedding experience. We are not going for a traditional wedding so we don’t count in that statistic! We are also not planning to have an official honeymoon due to my fear of […]

The simple guide to planning a wedding

Congratulations if you are newly engaged like me! The idea of organising a wedding can be quite a daunting prospect but it doesn’t have to be! We have 6 months to go until our wedding (yay!) and I thought I would share with you some of the tips to a hassle free wedding. The first […]

Gorgeous wedding venues: the pros and cons

Now I am not one for wedding envy but if money was no object where would I get married? It is a dangerous thing to keep looking when you have already made a decision! Some people’s idea of a perfect wedding is a beach. I completely agree that the photos look beautiful and I am […]

Wedding Wednesday: wedding clothes and cultural traditions

This week my attention has turned to wedding clothes. I think I have chosen my wedding dress and I have got the outfits for the bridesmaids and page boys. Chris has yet to sort his own outfit… One of Chris’ colleagues is getting married this year but from the descriptions given so far it will […]

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