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Wedding Wednesday: should children attend weddings?

Recently I wrote a post about whether children should be allowed to attend funerals. I have never been to a child free wedding and never even considered it as an option for our own wedding this summer. Yet I know that some weddings specify ‘no children’ on the invite. I think I would panic if […]

Wedding Wednesday: Wingz review

Time to cover up. I am not a fan of strapless tops and if I’m brutally honest I have bingo wings. Many wedding dress designs are strapless including the one I received from JJ’s House. Wingz offers a range of solutions to help cover the arms and suit every style. There are fitted and flared […]

Wedding Wednesday: beyond the veil

Since the royal wedding I have had to research wedding veils as Anya was devastated when she found out I wouldn’t have one. Cue frantic searching for something that will fit in with our low-key wedding but also be flash enough to impress a 5 year old. Most are one of two layers or tiers. […]

Wedding Wednesday: JJ’s House: here comes the bride!

I am not a big white wedding dress kind of a girl. That’s what I always thought! However, when I got the chance to choose a dress from JJ’s House I changed my mind… I spent HOURS searching the site for wedding dresses. It was so difficult to choose as they are all so beautiful […]

Wedding Wednesday: why I’m excited about the royal wedding!

I have admitted before that I am a huge fan of the Royal Family.  I am massively excited about the royal wedding this weekend. Just like with the recent royal baby, it is a time to celebrate love on a global scale. With so much negativity and sadness in the world, it is lovely […]

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