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Wedding Wednesday: something old etc

Wedding Wednesday will take a break for April as I am taking part in the A-Z Challenge (still finalising the topic, PANIC!) Back to today though and I am looking at the meaning behind the traditional phrase ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. I didn’t realise that there is actually a final item […]

Wedding Wednesday: I give you this ring…

Chris and I exchanged rings in private back in 2015 and this year we will do the same in front of 70 guests at our wedding. We will use the rings we have already given each other as they represent the commitment we made to each other. But why are rings given? The history of […]

Wedding Wednesday: gift list or cash?

Awkward cringiness alert! Chris and I originally didn’t want to have a gift list but my mum was adamant that guests would want to buy us something. It made sense to try to compile a list. The problem is that there are things we need right now such as a linen bin that I’m not […]

Wedding Wednesday: what is a wedding breakfast?

We have chosen not to go for the traditional¬†3 course wedding breakfast as we want a slightly more informal meal to be more relevant to our children and the rest of the guests. I want to have lots of time to mingle with family that have traveled instead of being at a set table and […]

Wedding Wednesday: the history of wedding favours

Chris and I are getting our heads round the fact that if we are having a wedding we are going to do it properly. That includes all the things that we weren’t originally planning on such as a wedding cake and photographer. One thing that I thought we’d leave out were wedding favours. As far […]

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