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For Chris: the definitive guide to my pizzas

I have been taste testing wheat free pizzas and each time Chris asks me for my opinion and then desperately tries to remember what I told him so he knows which ones to look for at the supermarket. So really this is just for him but may help other people with dietary issues as well.

Here is Sainsburys’ offering:

I was put off eating this pizza years ago because I had tried it a few times and it seemed really doughy and uncooked in the centre. I think they have updated the recipe because this is YUM! The tomato sauce is amazing with beautiful herb flavours. The only drawback is that is is slightly too small for my appetite! Current price is £3 for 280g.

Here is Asda’s version:

At £2.50 for 370g it is big on size and value. It is quite dry but the cheese is flaked so melts beautifully.

This is Tesco’s one:

This is the pizza that I’ve eaten most of over the years. It is the joint biggest of all of the pizzas. It is also quite dry and bready and I like adding extra veg to the topping to balance out the texture. Just £2.20 for 370g, so best value for money. I actually have a suspicion that this is the same as the Asda one…

Chris picked up this Pizza Express in the chilled aisle at Sainsbury’s:


This is the most expensive, as expected from a brand name. Current price at Sainsburys is £4.25 for 310g. Good flavours but small in size. It was also a bit floppy when cut into slices.

Dr Oetker’s Ristorante Mozzarella is amazing!

Priced at £3 for 330g. The taste is the best of all the pizzas. The base is thin and crispy, there are patches of basil which isn’t too pungent or overwhelming, the sauce is fragrant with herbs and the cheese melts beautifully. This is my favourite for taste: it is the real deal, authentic Italian version and you definitely wouldn’t know it is wheat free.

Oh dear Goodfella’s:

This was a huge let down. I had high expectations due to the brand name but, despite the higher price of £3 for 328g, it didn’t deliver. The base was floppy and the flavour was almost non-existent. I even had indigestion after eating it which I haven’t had since Zach’s birth 🙁

So if I had to choose a favourite for taste it would be Dr Oetker’s Ristorante or Sainsburys’ version but for a really hungry day at a good price, Tesco or Asda wins.

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Messages to my younger self

I decided to look back at the most life changing moments in my life over the past 20 years and record messages to myself at those times. In 1997 I was just about to take my GCSEs. In 2002 I was getting ready to leave university. In 2005 I was considering leaving dental nursing but had no job to go to. In 2010 I was pregnant with Matthew, convinced I was going to die in child birth. In 2014 I was a single mum, incredibly lonely, feeling worthless and unloved. Today I have the most brilliant family in the world but it was a tough journey sometimes and the events I describe here have made me stronger.

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Body image: birthmarks

I took this photo of my birthmark when I went out with Chris last month. I have 3 birthmarks but this is the darkest and most obvious.

I remember a comment from when I was a child and someone told me I had dog poo on my leg. He said it to be mean, I’d known him from the start of school and he’d always seen it but for some reason he chose to comment on it one day. I was really upset at the time but now it seems so petty.

My kids are fascinated by my birthmark. It is useful for teaching them that skin colour is unimportant. Matthew has a very slight birthmark on his right eye which stands out when he’s tired but no one has ever really spotted it.

I have no qualms about showing my leg (leg hair is a completely different issue 🙂 ). The birthmark isn’t too big and at least I have a distinguishing feature if I ever get murdered!

End of an era (and peace and quiet) (Tuesday 21st March)


I’ve made the big decision to stop breastfeeding Zach during the day. I have been quite lazy and enjoyed a relaxing sit down with my book twice a day. But I’m not doing him any favours, he needs to learn to get himself to sleep during the day in the same way that he already does at night. Plus it is time to reclaim my body, my housework and my time 🙂

So here is a photo of him yesterday after his feed, enjoying his last nap on my lap (face down?!) while I enjoy a last chapter read in peace.

This morning he has beaten me. He screamed for 40 minutes in his cot. I caved in and got him up whereby he promptly fell asleep in my arms. He woke the second I put him back in the cot so I gave up. He slept in the pushchair when getting Anya after her morning at preschool.

Zach 1: Laura nil.

I then approached what should have been his afternoon nap session and he was wide awake so there was absolutely no point in attempting to put him in his cot 🙁

I left it as late as I could before the afternoon school run before trying to get him to sleep but still no joy. He slept in the pushchair again.

Zach 2: Laura nil.

It is now 6.30pm and we both look exhausted a more than a little frazzled. I’m counting down the seconds to bath and bed time.

I may have lost the battle today. But I will win the war…

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Afternoon fun in Crowthorne (Sunday 19th March)

After some begging to go to a playground, we decided to investigate a local town: Crowthorne! We’ve driven through many times but never stopped off so it was a new experience for all of us. Here we are, all set!

First we went to the Morgan recreation ground where there is playground equipment for all ages.


Someone enjoyed their first proper time on the swings 🙂

The we headed along the high street to do some window shopping before ending up in Costa for a snack. Zach had some frothy milk, check out the moustache 🙂


Chris and I decided to visit Co-Op supermarket as there isn’t one closer to home as I like to check out vegetarian and wheat free products. The kids behaved wonderfully with the promise they (we!) could have more fun at the playground before heading home.


Two Tiny Hands