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Wedding Wednesday: should children attend weddings?

Recently I wrote a post about whether children should be allowed to attend funerals.
I have never been to a child free wedding and never even considered it as an option for our own wedding this summer.
Yet I know that some weddings specify ‘no children’ on the invite. I think I would panic if I ever received one of these!
But of course I’m unlikely to get one as most of my friends are married with their own children already and I think it is most likely that younger people without young families would be the most likely to ask for adult only weddings.

So why are children sometimes excluded from weddings?
One reason could be cost. Weddings are expensive and having the numbers increased by guests’ children could significantly hike up the costs.
Children are easily bored and you may have concerns about your big day being interrupted or spoiled.

Some weddings are an opportunity to ‘let your hair down’ and let the alcohol flow. It might not be suitable for children to be present…
Why should children be included in weddings?
I would be worried about inconveniencing friends by forcing them to choose between attending or not based on their childcare options. I certainly wouldn’t want to stay at home with the kids and let Chris go alone or vice versa.
Children need to learn about social conventions and enjoy the celebration of life events. They need to learn how to behave appropriately to help with their future experiences.
Our children are playing a central role in our wedding because they are an integral part of our life and we want them there to see our happiness.
Children are often noisy and annoying but they are also sweet and entertaining. They will certainly make the day more interesting!

I suppose that it is up to the individual couple and the type of day they want and the type of guests they expect to invite. It can be a tough choice so good luck if you are facing it!

Mardles: stickers and books that come to life!

A combination of my children’s favourite things: stickers, books and their tablets!

As the least technologically savvy person in our house, I was a little bit worried about using an app but it was easy to find in the Kindle store and quick (and FREE!) to download. That’s it! Ready to go!
The stickers can be placed anywhere around the house or garden and then brought to life and you can take them around with you. (Be careful not to walk into things as it is easy to get engrossed in the augmented reality!)

The book had a nice rhyming narrative and bright colourful pictures. The particular book we had was a lot of fun because it involved a cow going to space! It also had an educational side supporting the science curriculum as it mentions the biology of birds that allows them to fly, the growth of plants and information about the Moon.

All 3 of my children could access Mardles as it is so easy to use! The characters can be controlled easily using the arrow keys on screen and you can also take photos or even selfies with the animals.


*I received the book and stickers for the purpose of this post

#GlobalBlogging 64

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging.
I hope you have all had a fab weekend! We had a great start with a trip to the Warner Studio Harry Potter Tour: simply magical!

I am very excited to have been invited to join as a host for 2018. This year we have the extra twist that we want to be more active on social media (see below to get your posts shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest).
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My favourite post from last week was this one from Falcondale Life. A great post for helping novice photographers like me with the auto mode on our cameras!
Shank You Very Much loved this post from Mom Just Saying. Climbing a mountain is something most people wouldn’t even consider!
One Messy Mama is still hosting via our blogs. She has chosen this post from The Next Best Thing to Mummy: learning to sign is a great skill. I did baby signing with all 3 of my children and love Mr Tumble!
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An insider’s guide to being vertically challenged

OK so I am not the shortest person I know (hi, little sister!) but a lot of people tower over my 5 foot 1 and three quarters.
Last week on the way to invigilate an exam, I was surrounded by students who were all considerably taller than me and I think they were only about 13! Even at home, the kids are starting to gain on me and judging by the charts my older 2 will be 4-8 inches taller than me!
So what have I learnt about the world from my shorter perspective?
Well, shelves and cupboards are a nightmare.

Being on the Tube with your face in someone’s armpit is not exactly pleasant.
Changing the beds is tough because my arms aren’t long enough to reach the corners of the duvet easily, plus folding the sheets requires standing on the sofa.
I worry about having greasy hair or dandruff as people can easily see the top of my head 🙂
Buying clothes is a pain, especially trousers and I think I have only ever owned one maxi dress in my whole life. Don’t get me started on the search for a wedding dress
But it isn’t all bad!
Being short means I can buy children’s clothes for myself which can be cheaper. Plus all my clothes still fit me even after more than 20 years!
It is easier to snuggle up in bed as my feet don’t stick out the end, perfect for winter! Also being able to fit my entire body stretched out in the bath, yay! Tough luck Chris!
Leg room when travelling, woohoo!

And speaking of legs, I think mine look fab in a short skirt and heels!
I laugh cavalierly at ‘mind your head’ signs or low hanging branches 🙂
Other people are often really helpful and let me get to the front so I can see properly or kindly reach things down for me (thank you everyone!)
To be perfectly honest, I am  completely happy with my height. Yes, occasionally I wish that I could have an extra couple of inches, but most of the time I love my size and best of all I am a perfect fit for Chris!

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