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My very own website!!! Yikes!


Apparently I’m despised. But that’s ok…

My mum is an avid Mumsnet reader, her favourite section being the ‘am I being unreasonable…?’ threads. Mum knows I blog so drew my attention to this stream of vitriol against smug mummy blogs. Apparently the world hates me and other bloggers like me 🙁 It isn’t the first time I have seen Mumsnet members […]

5 funny little things about…

I was tagged by Lily’s Little Learners to take part in the 5 funny little things about… I’ve decided to think about all 3 children separately! Zach Zach claps himself all the time. Every time I call him a good boy he bursts into applause for himself. Zach is very clingy for the first 30 […]

It’s Social Media Day! Friday 30th June

I LOVE social media. I have been on Facebook for donkey’s years. It has always been a great way to keep in contact with people that live close or far away. At my recent school reunion, it was strange because we all knew so much about each other’s lives having seen photos and status updates […]

My 36th Birthday Bucket List

Having yet another birthday has made me think about some of the things I would like to do in the next year (and certainly before I hit 40!) Have an espresso (I can’t believe I’ve never had one!) Go to Wimbledon to watch tennis live Try wine tasting Visit Disneyland Paris Research more of my […]