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Lessons learned from taking part in #Blogtober17 and #Vlogtober

October was a sensationally busy month. On the last day of September I discovered #Blogtober17 and decided to take part It wasn’t until halfway through the month I spotted the first 26 are the letters of the alphabet, doh! I also saw the term #Vlogtober floating around but there were not any prompts for that […]

Pinterest #Blogtober17 day 30

I have a problem with Pinterest. It is full of genius ideas, crafts, recipes, advice and so much more. It really isn’t me at all! I know some bloggers rave about how Pinterest generates traffic but I don’t think I have the right kind of blog for that. My pins aren’t pretty and eye catching. […]

Instagram #Blogtober17 day 29

I started Instagram on 1st March this year. I love seeing the range of styles that people use in their feeds. Mine are mostly family pics or pretty scenes captured during our time together. I have attempted to be arty a couple of times but I am a family blogger and want to stay true […]

Twitter #Blogtober17 day 28

I do not live in a vacuum so I thought I knew all about Twitter when I joined up for the sake of my blog in February, a mere 8 months ago! The thing that strikes me most is how different it is to Facebook which is the only social media I had at the […]

Facebook #Blogtober17 day 27

Before I became a blogger Facebook was the only social media I used and that was just my personal account. Now I have my blog page which has just reached 900 likes, yay! I think most bloggers would agree that Facebook is the hardest social media to crack and progress is slow, yet I work […]

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