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The Goodnight Song by Nick Hollin

My review: Nathan and Katie are hiding. From the world, but also keeping their feelings hidden from each other. They have been through a tough time together after Nathan’s twin brother was revealed as a vicious murderer before attacking Katie and then being killed. Suddenly, it is revealed via a blog that Cameron’s crimes were […]

The Angel’s Mark by S.W. Perry

  I couldn’t wait to start this book set in Elizabethan England in the 1590s. I was not disappointed: it was brilliant! The main character Nicholas Shelby is a physician and one day he attends a lecture where a young boy’s body is dissected. Nicholas is convinced the child was murdered but he cannot find […]

Sweet Heat at Bayside by Addison Cole: review and giveaway

Sweet Heat at Bayside sees the friendship of Drake and Serena be allowed to develop into love when they both finally admit their feelings to each other while has lasted since their teens. Their timing is not great as Serena has just accepted her dream job in the city and Drake doesn’t want to stand […]

The Forgotten by Casey Kelleher

This book is the third in Casey Kelleher’s series about the notorious Byrne family but it is the first I have read and works well as a stand alone novel. Nancy Byrne has taken over her murdered father’s gangster network and is keen to establish herself as a woman in a man’s world. However, she […]

To Snare A Witch by Jay Raven

  I loved this book. My dissertation at university was on the subject of witchcraft in Elizabethan England. This book is set during the reign of Charles I (so about 50 years after the era I studied). This book has been well researched and the description of the process of locating witches was both accurate […]

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