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book review

Next Victim by Helen H Durrant

    Rachel King has already lost her marriage due to her police career, now her children are in danger as well and a lover from her past threatens the career she loves. A killer is on the loose, leaving a trail of red herrings to distract the police. We see part of the plot […]

Blood Secrets by Dreda Say Mitchell

Wow, they say family is complicated but this book takes it to new levels. I had no idea what to expect from this book as I hadn’t read the previous 3 books in the series. That didn’t matter at all. I was completely swept up in the gangster underworld of Babs Miller and her family. […]

The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker

Tom Fabian is the central character is this book. I found out at the end that this is actually the second book to feature him and the first novel deals with the case that forms the basis for the plot in this book. It didn’t spoil this book at all not to have read the […]

The Storm Girl’s Secret by Ceri Lowe

  This is the final book in the excellent young adult fiction series The Paradigm Triology (read my reviews of book one and two!) Alice has been hidden underground, frozen in time for 80 years. Her discovery gives hope to the ‘rebels’ who want to creat a better world. The new Controller General is none […]

Keep Her Close by Erik Therme

This is a book that plays on the fears of every parent: the disappearance of your child. Ally has lived with the mystery of her previous family but now wants to discover the truth. She was found beside the body of a woman presumed to be her mother but has no recollection of her previous […]