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‘Please explain terrorism to me’, by Laurie Zelinger

This is a book that I hope I never have to read again or show my children. But I will because the world we live in is not a kind one 🙁 It is incredibly sad that we need this book but that makes it even more important to read it and use the techniques […]

Novels (#Blogtober day 14)

Reading is such a magical thing. It can take you to new worlds, let you discover new people, places and events and most of all have fun. I am so proud of my children developing their reading, all 3 of them love books. Being able to share books from my childhood with my own children has […]

Favourite books (Vlogtober day 8)

I tried to narrow down my favourite books but it was too tricky! So here are a few choices from my own childhood, as well as modern books I read with my children. Then my favourite adult authors: are any the same as yours?

McDonald’s makes my little ones Happy Readers!

As a bookworm myself, I was shocked by the statistic in 2011 that almost a third of children do not own a book, however having worked in schools I believe it to be accurate 🙁 My own eldest, Matthew, had a number of books before he was even born and I read to him every […]

Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

Have you ever read a book where the main protagonist is actually a thoroughly unpleasant human being but charms the socks off you? Best Day Ever is just that book. The first person narrative of Paul Strom, a man determined to have the ‘best day ever’ with his wife Mia is very powerful. Kaira Raida […]