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Beck Valley Books: Reviewers’ Choice 2017

I am very proud to have become part of the Beck Valley Books review bloggers and have enjoyed some great books in 2017. The reviewers have put together their top books of 2017: Our fantastic tour reviewers have been busy voting, from all our incredible reads of 2017 that we have had the pleasure of […]

Oh, pants! And a giveaway!

As I mentioned in my post to kick off the year, Zach is rapidly approaching the potty training stage. My mum goes on about how me and my sister were both potty trained at 13 months. Well, we were marvelous, weren’t we?! My kids were not that perfect and waited until they were 2 and […]

‘Please explain terrorism to me’, by Laurie Zelinger

This is a book that I hope I never have to read again or show my children. But I will because the world we live in is not a kind one 🙁 It is incredibly sad that we need this book but that makes it even more important to read it and use the techniques […]

Novels (#Blogtober day 14)

Reading is such a magical thing. It can take you to new worlds, let you discover new people, places and events and most of all have fun. I am so proud of my children developing their reading, all 3 of them love books. Being able to share books from my childhood with my own children has […]

Favourite books (Vlogtober day 8)

I tried to narrow down my favourite books but it was too tricky! So here are a few choices from my own childhood, as well as modern books I read with my children. Then my favourite adult authors: are any the same as yours?

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