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#MySundayPhoto 13th August

Last week’s #mysundayphoto was us headed to the Isle of Wight and this week we are back home again 🙁 so here is a photo that I love from our holiday: For me this is what holidays are about. Not lounging on a beach or by a pool but exploring the outdoors, letting the kids […]

Saturday 12th August World Elephant Day and World Middle Child Day

This day was destined in the stars for my little Anya. She is my middle child and obsessed with elephants! She is a force of nature. She is thick skinned and determined. She is controlled by the matriarch, the oldest cow (me). No, wait, that’s elephants, I’m getting confused… Here are a few elephants facts […]

#MySundayPhoto 30th July

School ends, summer begins, big changes for Matthew and Anya is September. Hope you have all had a fun week!

How to stop your teen from smoking

As I have said before, I hate smoking and cannot understand why anyone would choose to start. But they do 🙁 and I’m scared that my children will face peer pressure to start when they get older. Some of my own school class mates smoked by the age of 13 and as I now work […]