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My very own website!!! Yikes!


#MySundayPhoto half term holidays begin!

I am so excited about the start of half term. I know the kids will be driving me crazy very soon but right now I can’t wait to spend time together. Here is what they have been up to this week: Zach ‘helped’ with the washing after dumping the previous folded pile on the floor. […]

Make up (Vlogtober day 16)

I love make up but very rarely wear it these days 🙁 10 years ago I wouldn’t have left the house without eyeliner, foundation, powder and lippy, how things have changed!

Reach Up Reach Out murder mystery charity dinner

Last weekend Chris and I headed out for an evening of murder and mystery but most of all fun! It was a local event organised to raise funds for a small but vital local charity. Let me tell you about them: Reach Up Reach Out is a small community project based at Farnborough Grange Infant […]

Bike highs and lows

This year I was determined that Matthew would learn to ride his bike without his stabilisers. Of course once I was putting effort into him, Anya announced that she wanted to do it too!       So then we had the first problem that Anya was more confident (fearless) and competent but being older […]