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days out

A family day out at Beale Park

Beale Park is one of those places that we have driven past many times on our way to visit friends or going somewhere else. With sun in the forecast we decided to make the most of the good weather and planned a trip. We bought our tickets online in advance and arrived as it opened […]

Step back in time at Middle Temple Hall

I am a history graduate. I love history and the early modern era in particular. When the opportunity arose for a guided tour at an Elizabethan hall in the centre of London I jumped at the chance. I’ll be perfectly honest that I had never heard of Middle Temple Hall before. The history of the […]

Zoo #Blogtober17 day 26

This year we have been to Sandown Zoo on the Isle of Wight and Marwell Zoo in Hampshire. I find zoos problematic. I love being able to see animals from around the world especially the big cats which are so majestic and beautiful. However I have concerns about their welfare and happiness. At Marwell there […]

Bye bye summer!

It is almost the autumnal equinox so it’s time to wave goodbye to summer for this year once and for all 🙁 You may recall that I set our family a summer bucket list…well, how did we get on?! A trip on a train We cheated a bit on this one. We didn’t go on […]

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