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Teens: everything changes, everything stays the same!

It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I have been invigilating exams every day. They are not called mock exams any more, they are now Pre Public Exams or PPEs. So was the word ‘mock’ meaning that they were not being taken seriously and now an acronym gives more gravitas? No. The […]

Education (Blogtober day 5)

Education is an area I feel passionate about. My mum was a teacher. I have worked as a teaching assistant, cover supervisor and teacher (I have worked with ages 4-16!) Now I work in 3 schools as clerk to the governors and an exam invigilator. I have written previously with exam advice for my own […]

GSCE success or failure? I’ve had 20 years to reflect!

Today children (young adults!) across the land are receiving their GCSE results. Some will be elated, others crushed. Parents will be smug or disappointed but hiding both! It is also the first year of the new grading system so the country waits with baited breath to see if the government has a success on its […]

Schools in the news this week

There have been two stories in the news this week that have not received as much attention as I feel they should. The BBC has written that the plan to scrap free school dinners for infant aged children has been scrapped and also reports that two fifths of children have failed to reach age related […]

The objectification of girls? Keep your legs together!

Serious subject alert! I’m not sure at the start of writing this where I’m headed so bear with me! This post is inspired by the exam I invigilated last week. As I wandered up and down the rows of students a few things leaped out at me, harking back to my uni days when I […]

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