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My very own website!!! Yikes!


#MySundayPhoto kids behaving madly

I think all of the nice weather has made them crazy! Zach was midway through the Finger Family song, Anya was tempting bad luck with an umbrella indoors and Matthew was taking part in a St George’s Day pole fight.

A family day out at Beale Park

Beale Park is one of those places that we have driven past many times on our way to visit friends or going somewhere else. With sun in the forecast we decided to make the most of the good weather and planned a trip. We bought our tickets online in advance and arrived as it opened […]

NOT an Easter bucket list!

In my calendar of post plans, I had noted down to write an Easter holiday bucket list. I love bucket lists as they are a great way to focus on things to achieve within a limited time period. However, the vertigo is still restricting me a lot (will it ever go?!) so trying to plan […]

Negativity niggles and how to vanquish them!

Last week I wrote a post on happiness and positivity. I purposefully chose things that related only to me and not my family. Despite the upbeat tone of the post, I found myself dwelling on my own selfishness, ‘mum guilt’ and my fear of not being a good enough mum to my beautiful children. Then […]

#MySundayPhoto snow fun!

What a week! Zach’s first experience of proper snow and first time wearing wellies. Matthew and Anya’s first snow days. The first snowman at our home. Happy memories!

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