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Wedding Wednesday: involving children in a wedding

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about whether children should be invited to a wedding. Well, they are certainly coming to ours! A quarter of our guests are aged under 16 including my own 3 little ones. So how can we keep them interested in the lead up and then entertained on […]

#Project365 week 28: still waiting for the rain!

OK, seriously, this is starting to get weird. British summers are NOT like this! Day 189: a special treat for all of us as we went to the cinema to watch the new Thomas and Friends film. It was Zach’s first visit to a cinema! Day 190: a new style for me, I’ve never tried […]

The problem with the ’18 summers’ theory

Thoughts of my children growing up and away have been on my mind recently and I’ve also thought about the type of people I want them to become. You must have seen the posts and pics across social media in the last couple of weeks reminding parents that we only have 18 summers with our […]

#Project365 week 27 my kids are growing up too fast!

Well, this week is all about the kids, no one else gets a look in! Day 182: we all had an excellent time at Go Ape in Bracknell and I was so proud of Matthew and Anya being brave high in the trees Day 183: I forgot to take a pic as Matthew headed off […]

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