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STUPID stuff I used to believe before kids

I have always been desperate to have children. I thought I knew it all. Then almost 7 years ago my life changed completely with the arrival of a little person with no instruction manual (or too many?! judging by the number of books and websites on parenting!) Below are some of the ridiculous and frankly […]

National Children’s Day: Zach takes over the blog! (Sunday 14th May)

Greetings fellow babies, mums and dads. Today, I, Zach, have taken over Mummy’s blog. A couple of days ago, Mummy did a video about things that wind her up. This is really ironic because there are lots of things that SHE does that makes me cross… She is always in a rush which is REALLY […]

I have turned my son into a criminal

The Highway Code for cyclists rule 64 clearly states ‘You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement’ (use of capitals is theirs not mine!). Today we were almost knocked into by 3 teenagers on their way to school. They were riding their bikes on the pavement. I understand. I really do. I wouldn’t want my children […]

Is summer finally approaching? (Monday 8th May)

I have been a bit of a grump with the whole weather situation 🙁 Zach’s birthday weekend was glorious but since then it had pretty much been grey cloud permanently and rain on several school runs. Yesterday afternoon was great and the sun was shining, a great excuse to make the most of our lovely […]