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Wedding Wednesday! The proposal

I joked on Sunday when I announced our engagement that I would be spamming my blog with wedding posts from now on! 🙂 I have decided to be more restrained and post every now and then on a Wednesday when I have an update on our wedding plans. Obviously our wedding is important but we […]

Why I love weddings but won’t be having my own!

(Update: this post title may have surprised you after our engagement announcement on Sunday! I wrote this post a month ago, little knowing that a proposal would be heading my way less than 2 weeks later!) I love a wedding. Happiness, love, the excitement of a new life together. But it isn’t for me. Don’t […]

Monopoly Junior Frozen edition

This is the latest fad in our house! We enjoyed lots of games this Christmas to keep the children occupied and this is a firm favourite. I am a massive Monopoly fan anyway and now the kids are too! A game typically takes 15 minutes so it is short enough to maintain the children’s attention. […]

Stop telling me to…

The world is full of contradictions it seems! My main problem is I hate being told what to think so here is my response to some of the social rhetoric that applies to me and my family: Stop telling me to love myself I’ll start off by saying I hate my body. I always have. […]

Project 365 Week 1

This year I decided to try a new challenge: Project 365. Basically it is a photo a day, everyday! I saw several bloggers as well as real life friends take part in this challenge during 2017 and thought it would be nice to catalogue our year, plus there were some really excellent photobooks created at […]

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