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My very own website!!! Yikes!


National Selfie Day!

I hate selfies. Everyone else’s look glam. Mine look grim. The angle is always wrong so my forehead or chin or something looks huge! (or maybe it is just my weird features…!)   Please leave a comment with any tips! I am never going to be sultry. I will never have the pout thing. Instead […]

Time is a great healer: the effects of quitting smoking!

I have never been a smoker, never even tried a cigarette. My grandmother died from throat cancer when I was 15 and smoking was partly responsible. I admit that when I saw on Chris’ profile that he smoked I almost didn’t contact him (super glad I did!) but when we met he explained there wasn’t […]

For Dad and Chris: Happy Father’s Day!

OK so TWO important men to celebrate today… Let’s start with my own Dad. A bit of an old pic (my sister looking devastatingly glam compared to me!) but I love the pride in this photo. Dad is proud of his girls and we are proud to be his daughters. Dad is a self-confessed geek, […]

#MySundayPhoto : Sunday 18th June

I know today is Father’s Day and my other post today has plenty of photos of my Dad and Chris 🙂 Today I have chosen a rare photo of me with Zach, taken last weekend, twinning in our long sleeved striped tops before the weather turned nice!

Sainsbury’s TU clothing haul! Less than £50!

I made the most of the recent 25% off TU clothing: take a look and see what I got! All this for less than £50! I love the kids peeking over the top in this video 🙂 Linking this up to #snappedup : check it out! *All items were bought with my own money!