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Fun at Frensham Little Pond

After our trip to the Rural Centre near Farnham, we weren’t ready to give up on the day and return home so a quick look at Trip Advisor told us that Frensham Little Pond was close by. I remembered seeing on Facebook that friends had visited there in the past so we headed straight over. […]

Fun at the Look Out Discovery Centre, Bracknell

Picture the scene. We trundle out to the car and get in. Chris starts the engine. Anya pipes up ‘Are we going somewhere?’. Chris and I look at each other biting back a sarcastic answer of ‘no, we’re just going to sit in the car on the driveway for a few hours’. We headed off […]

Are 3 kids easier than 1? The food example

All that hard effort in the kitchen is definitely more worthwhile when you have 3 kids: they can’t all be picky about the same thing can they?! (Very rarely yes 🙁 , but let’s brush over that!)

My Sunday Photo: the battle to get a family pic

OK so we want a nice photo of us all. Sounds simple, right?! Alas it wasn’t… Time to swap around a bit, see if that improves things… Oh great, Zach has grabbed my glasses Matthew and Anya lost interest 🙁 but we managed to get one of just the three of us all smiling  

Zach’s first birthday!

We were spoilt with the weather last weekend for TWO parties! We wanted to share Zach’s big day with as many people as possible, and so we welcomed friends and family to our home (panic housework required!. Birthday boy had an amazing time and was full of smiles as always 🙂 Birthday boy! #family #stillmybaby […]