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#Project365 week 3

Day 13: a special treat for us and our first attempt at eating out as vegans. We have discovered a newly opened burger restaurant and takeaway, Miami Burger in Reading, where EVERYTHING is vegan, woohoo!!! Day 14: Zach’s version of hide and seek. Basically if he can’t see you then you can’t see him. I […]

#Project365 week 2

Day 6: time for a McDonalds to celebrate the end of the Christmas holidays. I’m trying their new vegan option despite the controversy: tasted good! Day 7: beautiful sunset sky and love the silhouette of the tree branches Day 8: tooth fairy back in action! Day 9: delivery from the Vegan Supplement Store Day 10: […]

#Project365 week 52+

Day 357: Matthew finally lost his first tooth! Day 358: my first ever Christingle service Day 359: Christmas morning, yay! Santa has been! Day 360: Ollie loves his sprout squeaky toy Day 361: the kids have taken over Ollie’s new bed… Day 362: time to burn off some of that energy with some playground craziness […]

#Project365 week 51

Day 350: family time! A lovely afternoon with my sister and her family, my parents, and my cousins and their families. Day 351: Chris and I sneaked away from everything to have lunch and go shopping in Camberley. Day 352: Anya’s Christmas play. The smile says everything! Day 353: Matthew’s first experience of bowling thanks […]

#Project365 week 50

Day 343: a sunny but cold return to Windsor to see the Christmas trees around the castle and the Queen was at home (but we didn’t see her 🙁 ) Day 344: someone was all smiles today! Day 345: feeling industrious having written all my Christmas cards Day 346: the orange light of doom. Local […]