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#Project365 week 23 back to school, food and Harry Potter!

Half term seems like so long ago already! Day 154: our one and only rose in the back garden! Day 155: Matthew and Anya are back to school so Zach has returned to his bossy persona or being the centre of attention OR ELSE…! Day 156: we have discovered Top Trumps and things are getting […]

#MySundayPhoto the highs and lows of being outdoors

We have spent plenty of time outdoors this week and I managed to find our first and only rose of the year! The downside of being outside is I was attacked by bugs! I have small bites on my face and one arm but on my leg and other arm the bites have swollen up […]

#Project365 week 22 half term and birthday fun!

I have loved this week! Half term so the kids are home, I’ve had a week off from all 3 jobs (except for one emergency meeting on Friday 🙁 ) and best of all it was mine and Matthew”s birthdays. Day 147: another early birthday date with Chris, this time to see the new Solo […]

#Project365 week 21: happy and sad family occasions

This week there have been some happy and sad family moments. Day 140: we headed to Gloucester for my great uncle’s 80th birthday. I love family occasions and the children adore each other. Day 141: Ollie wanted some peace and quiet in the garden but Zach had other ideas! The weather was grey and miserable […]

#Project365 week 19: time has raced by this week!

Erm, where did this week go? Yesterday I didn’t even realise it was Friday until I said ‘see you tomorrow’ to a mum on the school run and she said ‘no it’s the weekend’! Day 126: Blog On X was amazing (not just because of the prosecco!) Day 127: the kids loved having complete freedom […]

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