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project 365

#Project365 week 28: still waiting for the rain!

OK, seriously, this is starting to get weird. British summers are NOT like this! Day 189: a special treat for all of us as we went to the cinema to watch the new Thomas and Friends film. It was Zach’s first visit to a cinema! Day 190: a new style for me, I’ve never tried […]

#Project365 week 27 my kids are growing up too fast!

Well, this week is all about the kids, no one else gets a look in! Day 182: we all had an excellent time at Go Ape in Bracknell and I was so proud of Matthew and Anya being brave high in the trees Day 183: I forgot to take a pic as Matthew headed off […]

#Project365 week 26: feeling hot hot hot!

Goodness me, the heatwave is hot! Which sounds daft but I’m sure it doesn’t usually last this long in the UK! Day 175: finishing up our weekend in Dymchurch with a trip to the funfair and I finally let Matthew and Anya go on the Twister, oh and me too! Day 176: after being cooped […]

#Project365 week 24

Hang on, I’m not in any of these pics! I have been working every single day this week so am quite knackered…zzz… Day 161: this is the photo I shared for last week’s #mysundayphoto Day 162: I enjoyed some time relaxing in the garden but this little bee kept busy! Day 163: when we visited […]

#Project365 week 23 back to school, food and Harry Potter!

Half term seems like so long ago already! Day 154: our one and only rose in the back garden! Day 155: Matthew and Anya are back to school so Zach has returned to his bossy persona or being the centre of attention OR ELSE…! Day 156: we have discovered Top Trumps and things are getting […]

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