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#Project365 week 15: the second week of the Easter holidays

A busy first week has been followed by a busy second week of the holidays! Day 98: cousin time! They stayed at my parents’ for a 2 night sleepover. Here they are being shown the latest tablet action Day 99: an early birthday lunch! Day 100: I can’t believe Zach is 2! He was very […]

#Project365 week 14

Easter holidays! Day 91: we got home from Dymchurch and I was trying to catch up on things. Zach was happily colouring in, a few minutes later I turned around and found him colouring his hand. He then moved on to colour his face and scalp: he still has a pink tinge in his hair […]

#Project365 week 13

There has been a lot of grey skies and rain this week! School finally finished for the Easter holidays on Thursday afternoon and then we headed to the seaside to visit Chris’ mum. Day 84: after managing to get out of the house to go to the Ultimate Chocolate Workshop and have a date with […]

#Project365 week 12

Twelve weeks in to 2018 already?! Wow, time is racing after that slow start in January! I seem to have lost time as I have been stuck in the house and asleep for most of the last 3 weeks! The vertigo is better but I still struggle to be outside or even upright for longer […]

#Project365 week eleven

I’m still stuck in bed with vertigo so am restricted on the scope for taking pics! I have made it out of the house a couple of times for the children’s sake but it has really taken it out of me 🙁 Day 70: Mother’s Day was effectively cancelled but I pledged to take more […]

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