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#Project365 week 22 half term and birthday fun!

I have loved this week! Half term so the kids are home, I’ve had a week off from all 3 jobs (except for one emergency meeting on Friday 🙁 ) and best of all it was mine and Matthew”s birthdays. Day 147: another early birthday date with Chris, this time to see the new Solo […]

#Project365 week 17 feeling sunny

The weather has been deteriorating again this week but my mood has been quite sunny as I’m finally starting to feel better. My vertigo is improving very slowly and that makes everyone happy 🙂 Day 112: I was so surprised to receive this from one of my jobs to wish me get well soon. Love […]

#Project365 week 16 back to school and glorious sunshine

After a lot of rain isn’t it typical that now the kids are back at school the sun comes out! Day 105: thanks to the helpful people who commented on #mysundayphoto post and told me it was a camellia but still some confusion why the white flowers of previous years now how red flowers amongst […]

#Project365 week 15: the second week of the Easter holidays

A busy first week has been followed by a busy second week of the holidays! Day 98: cousin time! They stayed at my parents’ for a 2 night sleepover. Here they are being shown the latest tablet action Day 99: an early birthday lunch! Day 100: I can’t believe Zach is 2! He was very […]

#Project365 week 10

The snow of last week seems like so long ago! I have had to cheat a little bit this week as I’ve been struck down with an inner ear infection and had vertigo and vomiting (NOT FUN!) so been in bed for 4 days and therefore unable to take photos! Day 63: we all had […]

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