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Teens: everything changes, everything stays the same!

It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks as I have been invigilating exams every day. They are not called mock exams any more, they are now Pre Public Exams or PPEs. So was the word ‘mock’ meaning that they were not being taken seriously and now an acronym gives more gravitas? No. The […]

#MySundayPhoto: the class bear

Oh, the joy! Anya came home with the class bear this weekend (or is it a dog? difficult to tell…) Anya was absolutely thrilled. I was somewhat less so! However, this weekend we actually have plans so at least we have something to write about! Yesterday was the school Christmas Fair so good old Daisy […]

#MySundayPhoto well done Matthew!

Matthew’s teacher chose him to receive a certificate in this week’s celebration assembly for ‘striving to do his best at all times’. The letter was sent home a week ago and it instructed me not to tell Matt that he had been chosen and to attend the assembly secretly. I told him I was working […]

Spider Stampede by Ali Sparkes

Last night we finished reading Spider Stampede which is the first book in the SWITCH series of books by Ali Sparkes. I bought this for Anya when Ali visited Matthew’s school last half term. The book centres around twins Danny and Josh who live next door to scientist Petty Potts. They accidentally get transformed into […]

#MySundayPhoto half term holidays begin!

I am so excited about the start of half term. I know the kids will be driving me crazy very soon but right now I can’t wait to spend time together. Here is what they have been up to this week: Zach ‘helped’ with the washing after dumping the previous folded pile on the floor. […]