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#MySundayPhoto school’s out 2018

Last year I took the first pic on the way home from the last day of school. Anya finished preschool and was headed to infant school after the summer while Matthew was leaving that infant school to go to junior school. It has been an amazing year for them both and they have flourished under […]

#Project365 week 29

Everyone is tired and emotional this week. Anya has been sobbing about leaving her teacher, Zach has been a grumpy whirlwind who demands biscuits every 5 seconds and Matt has been very busy so is exhausted! Day 196: big day for Anya: she got her ears pierced! Day 197: I headed into school for Matthew’s […]

#Project365 week 28: still waiting for the rain!

OK, seriously, this is starting to get weird. British summers are NOT like this! Day 189: a special treat for all of us as we went to the cinema to watch the new Thomas and Friends film. It was Zach’s first visit to a cinema! Day 190: a new style for me, I’ve never tried […]

Why I LOVE school uniform

When I was a teenager (and perhaps even earlier based on the excitement of my own little ones) the highlight of the term was non uniform day. Here’s me back in 1997 in my school uniform: This week the school where I invigilate exams has decided it is too hot for uniform and the children […]

Should mobile phones be banned at school?

Ooh this is a tricky one! It has been in the news this week that school experts including the dreaded Ofsted believe that mobile phones should be banned at school. I grew up in the era before the prevalence of phones. If I needed to phone home I had to use the pay phone in […]

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