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School reunions and some advice for today’s teenagers

Three weeks ago I went to a school reunion. Incredibly it has been 20 years since I finished secondary school and completed my GCSEs. There I am, sat in my final History class in May 1997. And there I am, front left corner May 2017. The funny thing is that when I walked in, everyone […]

#MySundayPhoto Sunday 21st May

School reunion! Who can believe it is 20 years since we took our GCSEs?! Huge thanks to the fab organisers, so sorry more people didn’t come along to enjoy your efforts. I think we all had a great time catching up 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Year 2 SATs: what my heart and head are telling me…

My tiny little bundle of joy is now a hulking great 6 year old (nearly 7) and is about to take his first government organised tests, known as SATs. My heart says he is too little to be judged, labelled, become a statistic. My head tells me that this could help him by allowing the […]

Are 3 kids ever easier than 1? The school run example

I was chatting to a mum of one the other day and she couldn’t understand how I get 3 children ready to go out in the morning as she struggles with her one. No secret. Just a timetable and a routine. The kids know that if they want time to play before school then they […]