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Bargain hunter: Timotei at Lloyds Pharmacy for 50p

Now I love hunting for bargains, and my local Lloyds Pharmacy usually has a couple of fab products on offer but you have to keep your eyes peeled. This week I was in to collect my prescription and took a look at the shelves. Timotei Pure for 50p?! Surely not! But yes, they had shampoo, […]

Let’s DITCH Mother’s Day!

Grump alert! Scrooge here! OK so let’s get this straight. I love my mum (and my dad, this applies to Father’s Day too). But I would rather show her that regularly how much I appreciate her than on one day a year force her to have a present she doesn’t really want and accept a […]

#VLOGSTARS Top 5 guilty pleasures

I came across the #VLOGSTARS linky: what a great idea and how inspiring for getting your brain working! So here are my top 5 guilty pleasures. What are yours?

Monday 12th September 2016

Not even 7am and I’d already yelled “Anya, get your eyeballs off your brother!!!” You see, she has this weird eyeball thing where she tries to put her eyes on things and her baby brother is one of her favourites. Time to get ready for school. Matt and Anya refused to go to the toilet […]