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My very own website!!! Yikes!


Shopping haul (Vlogtober day 18)

Thank you Sainsburys for your wonderful toy sale again this year! I went along super early this morning to pick up some fab bargains. Just a teeny bit of retail therapy! Now just have to work out where to hide it all…

Shopping trip (Vlogtober day 4)

Now I have been sneaky with this day as I already had a video filmed and edited but not yet published! The only problem is that I TOTALLY forgot that my new camera has a fold out screen and managed to video myself TWICE without my head being in the shot 🙁 apologies… although you […]

10 years on ebay: time to sell something!

Incredibly I have now been on ebay for 10 whole years. I bought my first item in September 2007! Since then I can’t even begin to imagine how many items I have purchased! This time though I have taken the bold step of trying to sell something… My house is cluttered. We own much more […]