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The Worst Witch (BBC’s 2017 version)

Please comment and share!FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestHang on BBC! What on earth have you done to this classic Jill Murray book? You’ve turned it into Harry Potter?! The plot and some of the lines were directly out of Potter, they even copied the broken glasses scene. Mildred Hubble is not a MUGGLE! In the book she has already […]


Please comment and share!FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestI have a confession… I love Kevin Bishop. I have since seeing him in Muppet Treasure Island donkeys years ago. So basically I knew I was going to love this new version of Porridge. Plus I loved the original and Ronnie Barker. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! The original character dynamics were all […]


Please comment and share!FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestOK so I finally got round to finishing watching the last of 8 episodes. As a drama, Victoria was ok. As a history, Victoria was ok. I’ll admit that it was a struggle to get through the first episode as I was annoyed by Jenna Coleman repeatedly showing off her blue contact […]

Dark Angel

Please comment and share!FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestOh wow… This was an incredible piece of drama. Heartbreaking, horrific, and completely absorbing. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Whilst I enjoyed Downton Abbey, Joanne Froggatt’s character Anna was a bit bland and goodygoody for me. But blimey! Froggatt’s portrayal of Cotton blew me away. I felt sympathetic at several points despite the mounting […]

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

Please comment and share!FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestWell, I’ve just finished the last episode. An excellent series about the wives of Henry VIII, attempting to show the women as dynamic and ‘real’. The series mixed dramatisation with fact, and although it would have been nice to clarify which was which, the whole concept worked well.. During the first two […]

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