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Archive for September 2016

Sunday 18th September

Anya is 4! How on earth did that come around so quickly?! I got to add to my phrasebook of things I never thought I’d say. I had to ask my niece “Why are you putting cucumber up your leggings?” to which there was no sensible answer. (Previous phrases include “Anya, get your foot out […]

Friday 16th September

IDIOTS! The world is full of them and I frequently shout IDIOTS throughout the day. Especially on rainy days. The heavens were open this morning for the school run. Luckily my mum had come over so I just had to worry about me and Matt getting soggy. Unluckily, selfish idiots were on the road who […]

Wednesday 14th September

Why is it that the kids (and therefore me) oversleep on the day I actually have to go in to a meeting?! And I need to get Anya’s lunchbox ready for preschool and make up bottles for Zach to have at Mum’s. Plus listen to Matthew’s latest hour long speech about lego… (which started up […]

Monday 12th September 2016

Not even 7am and I’d already yelled “Anya, get your eyeballs off your brother!!!” You see, she has this weird eyeball thing where she tries to put her eyes on things and her baby brother is one of her favourites. Time to get ready for school. Matt and Anya refused to go to the toilet […]

Sunday 11th September 2016

So I survived the first week back at school and preschool. Zach hasn’t gone doolally just in my company. Matthew and Anya had a good time and have settled in well. Phew! Matt has had his hair cut at last so he is no longer resembling the lovechild of Wolverine and Chewbacca. Anya has started […]