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Avon Color Trend Lipstick in Coffee Cone

  Last week I shared with you my experience of Avon’s Color Trend Nail Polish in Wild Blackcurrant (fab colour!). Well, this is the other item I bought in the 2 for £4 offer which I got the chance to try out this week. The packaging is so sweet! Really girly and pretty, I think […]

STUPID stuff I used to believe before kids

I have always been desperate to have children. I thought I knew it all. Then almost 7 years ago my life changed completely with the arrival of a little person with no instruction manual (or too many?! judging by the number of books and websites on parenting!) Below are some of the ridiculous and frankly […]

Our Tiny Bees: Citrus Bath Melt review

I confess I saw this product and was desperate to try it! I had never tried bath oil before so I had absolutely NO IDEA what to expect 🙂   Wow, wow, WOW! I seriously cannot tell you just how much I adored this Bath Melt! Our Tiny Bees have made an incredible product that […]

#MySundayPhoto Sunday 21st May

School reunion! Who can believe it is 20 years since we took our GCSEs?! Huge thanks to the fab organisers, so sorry more people didn’t come along to enjoy your efforts. I think we all had a great time catching up 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Tiny Tickers on BBC Lifeline Appeal

Hearing your unborn baby’s heartbeat or seeing it on the screen is a magical experience. I confess to crying with happiness each time. I loved all my scan appointments, although I focused more on seeing my baby than on the essential function the sonographer was performing: checking my baby was healthy and the organs working […]