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Superhero tendencies?

I have a theory… Chris is actually a superhero! While I was away this weekend, he seems to have held everything together and had the whole house organised in a way that I never seem to manage. Every night when Chris arrives home from work, he is greeted by a slightly exhausted, majorly frazzled looking […]

McDonald’s makes my little ones Happy Readers!

As a bookworm myself, I was shocked by the statistic in 2011 that almost a third of children do not own a book, however having worked in schools I believe it to be accurate 🙁 My own eldest, Matthew, had a number of books before he was even born and I read to him every […]

I can cross off 2 things from my bucket list! Yay me!

Back in May when I reached the grand old age of 36, I wrote a bucket list of some things I wanted to do/try/achieve by the time I’m 40 (if not before)!!! And I am glad to say that I have successfully completed two of those things this very weekend, hurrah! This may not sound […]

Proud to be a Scout

I promise to do my best… Back in June I joined the Scouts on the Executive Committee of the group that Matthew attends for Beavers. He has flourished in his time with the dedicated, fun and inspiring leaders and I wanted to give something back.  I would love to take on a leader role myself […]