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Zoo #Blogtober17 day 26

This year we have been to Sandown Zoo on the Isle of Wight and Marwell Zoo in Hampshire. I find zoos problematic. I love being able to see animals from around the world especially the big cats which are so majestic and beautiful. However I have concerns about their welfare and happiness. At Marwell there […]

Year in Review #Blogtober17 day 25

It is only October but the topic for today is a review of the year so I will have a look back at the past 10 months with a few choice highlights (or low lights!). JANUARY: Anya’s preschool bear FEBRUARY: a romantic date at our favourite restaurant for Valentine’s Day MARCH: pitta bread pizzas for […]

I’m a Halloween hater, sorry!

I have never been a fan of Halloween and now that it has grown in popular culture I like it even less. The only problem is… my kids love it! We recently bought them new costumes for the amazing price of only £3.99 each at Aldi. They are completely obsessed with their costumes. Matthew insisted […]