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Xmas #Blogtober17 day 24

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The shops are full of EVERYTHING we could ever need to survive the one day that the shops are shut and we are trapped with family. Bah humbug… Only kidding! I actually love the build up to Christmas as I like to buy food, drink and presents […]

Favourite toy (Vlogtober day 23)

My children go through phases and something that was their favourite last week is now long forgotten! What are the favourites in your home?

Weather #Blogtober17 day 23

Goodness me, we have had some strange weather this past week. I hope you have all kept safe from the stormy weather. Most bizarre was the red sun and yellow sky effect on Tuesday. It was really spooky and seemed like a sci fi film or the apocalypse! I don’t really know what happened this […]

Villains and superheroes #Blogtober day 22

Chris and I are watching the 3rd season of Gotham at the moment and really enjoying it. It is fun trying to work out how the characters in this prequel relate to our knowledge of them in their futures.   Gotham Batman GIF from Gotham GIFs The thing that winds me up about superheroes is […]