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#MySundayPhoto cooperative play

Yesterday on #project365 I added a photo of the children playing together upstairs in their bedroom. I wanted to show another pic which shows how well Anya and Zach were playing with Sylvanian Families. Zach often plays dinosaurs with Matthew but this was the first time he played with Anya in a more mature way. […]

#Project365 week 8

Back to work and school this week. Half term seems like so long ago already. Day 49: the joy of peace and quiet until you turn around and see Zach has decorated himself with felt tip pens. The insides of his ears are still black… Day 50: back in December I shared a photo of […]

February food challenge week 3

Third week complete!¬†Have a look here at week one and two. Puddings again are most popular but I have been really impressed with the children trying things. They loved the Quorn chilli but didn’t realise it wasn’t beef until I told them when they’d finished. Fresh filled pasta was another brand new experience for them […]

Wedding Wednesday: a legal rant

I am a little bit cross. I have been kind of preoccupied in a happy way about the wedding (no surprise!) but my attention has been drawn to something that has really wound me up. Over half term,¬†both a friend and my sister have mentioned to me that we need to re-register Zach’s birth. Why? […]

Back to school and #globalblogging linky 48

Half term is over already! Check out my host post to see what we got up to! I think Zach will be heartbroken this week that his idols have gone back to school and he is left with boring old Mummy all day. I am very excited to have been invited to join as a […]