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Chocolates for Chocoholics Ultimate Chocolate Workshop

One of the highlights of blogging has been the broadening of my horizons and the challenge to try new things. As I showed yesterday for My Sunday Photo, this weekend I have attended a chocolate workshop, something I never would have tried due a lack of confidence in myself and my ability! I was invited […]

#MySundayPhoto mmm chocolate!

I was invited to a chocolate extravaganza by a fellow blogger 🙂 Chocolates for Chocoholics has started to offer chocolate workshops and here I am proudly showing my name that I wrote in chocolate. More photos of my other creations to follow later!

#Project365 week 12

Twelve weeks in to 2018 already?! Wow, time is racing after that slow start in January! I seem to have lost time as I have been stuck in the house and asleep for most of the last 3 weeks! The vertigo is better but I still struggle to be outside or even upright for longer […]

Finding the perfect fit with Hunkemoller

I have never been blessed with a magnificent bust. Pregnancy and breastfeeding was wonderful for giving me curves at last! But now three children later, it’s time to be honest and admit that my bras don’t fit any more as I have changed shape and size. The thought of getting undressed and measured by a […]

Wedding Wednesday: I give you this ring…

Chris and I exchanged rings in private back in 2015 and this year we will do the same in front of 70 guests at our wedding. We will use the rings we have already given each other as they represent the commitment we made to each other. But why are rings given? The history of […]