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Wheat and gluten free bread in a pan!

Chris got all experimental on me! During our February Food Challenge, he tried out recipes for making bread in a frying pan. They were all delicious! Now I have seized the reins and been trying different ratios. It’s become a daily adventure! The nonsensical bowl used in the recipe in the video is one third […]

Wedding Wednesday: gift list or cash?

Awkward cringiness alert! Chris and I originally didn’t want to have a gift list but my mum was adamant that guests would want to buy us something. It made sense to try to compile a list. The problem is that there are things we need right now such as a linen bin that I’m not […]

Global Blogging 51 OMG what a week!

The irony has certainly struck me that last week my featured post was one about taking a break from social media and then making a big return. And then on Wednesday I was hit with an ear infection, vertigo and vomiting so have spent 4 days in bed. Not fun 🙁 But I’m back! As […]

Track Party, Basingstoke: traintastic!

Last year I spotted Track Party advertised near my sister in Basingstoke and was desperate to go but the tickets had all sold out 🙁 This year a fellow blogger pointed out that it was running again, yay! Actually, Track Party runs at various locations in the south of England throughout the year (take a […]

#MySundayPhoto Happy Mother’s Day

I have really relied on my mum this week as I was struck down with an ear infection which resulted in me being bedbound with vertigo (it was SOOOO SCARY!) Mum does so much for me and the children, allowing me to go out to work, keeping Zach awake while I do the school run […]