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Baby Secrets Pram Pack review

As well as the LOL doll, Anya was excited to get her first Baby Secrets set from my trip to Blog On X in Manchester. Baby Secret babies have a white nappy until they are dipped in water at which point the nappy turns either pink or blue. They can be bought in single bathtub […]

#GlobalBlogging 61

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Global Blogging. I hope you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I am having to give some serious consideration to my own wedding now that my daughter wants me to have a veil, a train and a carriage ride… I am very excited to have been invited to join as […]

The joy of spam comments

Everyone knows about the joy of spam. My email addresses are inundated and the spam folder gets used a lot! My blog gets hundreds of spam comments every week. Some are just a website looking for promotion while others are over the top with compliments in the hope that I might approve them or nasty […]

#MySundayPhoto green fingers

It looks like Zach has inherited a love of gardening (not from me!) Chris has been removing the raised beds/veggie patch as we have decided to focus on our berries. The kids have loved any chance to get muddy and the chance to dig to Australia couldn’t be missed! I’ve written before about the importance […]

#Project365 week 20: a whole week of good weather!

What an amazing week! I have been working every day so am pretty knackered but the sun has kept me going! Plus the royal wedding at the end of the week to look forward to, yay! Day 133: Chris and I headed out on a date for an early anniversary and birthday meal at Bella […]