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#Blogmas18 day 5: Christmas gift ideas

Yesterday I published my own wishlist for the things I would like this Christmas but let’s have a think about the rest of the family…
Matthew is super easy as his dinosaur obsession continues. I had no idea that there were so many brands of dinosaur toy!

Anya is also quite easy to buy for as she loves anything girly or princessy. I am able to relive my childhood as some brands are still popular such as My Little Pony and Barbie.

Zach likes to organise things and anything with letters or numbers that he can arrange. His social development had transformed in the last few months and he really enjoys role play games like shopping and cooking.

Chris is much more problematic. Not only does he not really need anything as he buys what he needs throughout the year just as I do. But we have the added complication that it is also his birthday in mid December so I have a double whammy of present buying panic 🙁
Thankfully there is always Lego…

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