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#Blogtober18 day 10: Just Be Yourself for #WorldMentalHealthDay

If there is one thing I want for my children more than anything else, it is to be happy and comfortable in their own skin and in their own heads. I want them to be accepted by others but being accepted and loved by themselves is more important.

I know I set a bad example for them, pointing out my flaws all the time, not believing compliments. I try to bolster and encourage the children whilst keeping them grounded in reality (and a reasonable fashion sense!)
Life cannot always be happy but it important to have something to look forward to, someone to turn to and have the belief that there is good in the world. I hope the kids will have each other to rely upon and be a shoulder to cry on if they feel unable to talk to me.
Change can be scary but it is better to regret things you have done that the things you never even tried. Growing up is constant change so we have plenty of opportunities to make the changes we want in our lives in order to find our happiness. Look at the happiness the change of seasons can bring: gloves!

Being a mum changes a person. I am not the me I was 10 years ago, thank goodness! Suddenly you have a tiny person controlling your life and it is easy to feel lost: I know I did! But that is because I didn’t value myself so only focused on the kids.
I was plagued by phobias and worries, OCD and depression before I had my children but they pulled me out of it. I was lucky.
1 in 10 women get postnatal depression: that is a huge number of families affected. But mental health continues to be hidden and there is still a stigma about admitting to having a problem. This is teaching our children that it is something to be ashamed of and it needs to stop.

My children have seen me cry. They know I make mistakes. But most importantly they know I love them unconditionally and maybe one day they will love themselves like that too.


  1. This is so lovely and so true. Being a mum changed me so entirely it is untrue. It improved me in so many ways but also shook me to my very core in others. Funny old business isn’t it. #stayclassymama

  2. What a lovely post – and it’s how most of us feel….you’ve certainly got your priorities right when it comes to raising your kids. Oh, and I just LOVE that picture of your daughter dressing up as you – it’s soooooo cute! #StayClassyMama

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