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#Blogtober18 day 12: loving these right now and #Project365 week 41

It was only as I was writing my Blogtober and Project 365 posts that I realised they were both pretty much the same! So I decided to postpone publishing and combine the two!
We are all exhausted and have had a cold for weeks. So this post is a refreshing focus on the positives going on right now!
  • Cross stitch: I have discovered that I can now read on my phone and cross stitch at the same time, hurrah!
  • Lego cards: we finally finished out collection thanks to my wonderful friends!
  • The beautiful autumn colours
  • Lemons: I have had a bag of lemons sat in the kitchen and had no energy to bake but yesterday I forced myself to get on with it. Cue some delicious cakes and then pancakes for pudding (I am VERY popular in our house right now, plus hopefully the vitamin C in the lemons willl help to get rid of the cold germs!)
  • The Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie: bah humbug to all the grumpy naysayers and congratulations to the happy couple!
And now here are the photos of the week!
Day 280: I caved in and got my socks out (hate to think of the increase in laundry!)

Day 281: the gorgeous view as I step out of the door to do the school run . Love our tree!

Day 282: completely captivated by a documentary about T Rex (the dinosaur not the band!)

Day 283: I’ve only just got the socks out and now it is unbelievably warm! Don’t expect this is October!

Day 284: a bit of baking to use up the lemons I bought ages ago and also to try to get a vitamin C boost to try to stave off the cold germs that have been lurking for weeks.

Day 285: I enjoyed the second royal wedding of the year: congratulations to Princess Eugenie and Jack!

Day 286: apparently this is a comfortable way to watch the TV…

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  1. I love a royal wedding but didn’t even realise they’d be televising it. I must find the news and have a nosy. Hope the cold goes soon – they’re certainly loitering this year. I’m still holding off on the socks at the moment. I even got my flip flops back out today because slippers were too hot (but then they broke – cant’ believe my Haviainas broke with the strap just shearing off. That’s never happened before.

  2. Your tree is beautiful! The weather has been crazy this week, hasn’t it? I have enjoyed the warmth! I didn’t know the royal wedding was on TV. I like to look at the photos, but don’t think I would have actually watched it on TV.

  3. Oh no! I hope you all feel better soon.
    I have been wearing socks lately. I don’t usually unless I’m going out but the thicker the better.
    What a fab photo of the kids watching the documentary about the t-rex.
    Those cakes look fab!

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