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#Blogtober2020 Day 10: Relax

It’s Saturday so time to relax!
A lay in until 6.45 then out of bed for a run. Much more pleasant than last weekend as no rain today, yay!

A relaxing bath with my book then time to parent. We did the Joe Wicks work out so the kids could earn their screen time.
Then it was crisp time and more relaxing book reading before playing with the kids and reading with them.
Lunch prep, kind of relaxing as kid free!

A nap. The glorious sleep of the weekend!
Time to relax at Mum and Dad’s with the papers. while the kids playing beautifully.

Bit of angst due to a blog problem but finally figured it out with my hubby.
Tea time and I’ve hankered after chips all week so lunch leftovers and some chips.
Bath time for the kids then wine, crisps and humous with some TV before bed. Relaxed me!

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