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#Blogtober2020 Day 14: Wannabe

Time to pass this post over to my kids to find out what they want to be when they’re older.
The older two want to be YouTubers. Matthew doing a train channel and Anya a gaming channel. However, I have insisted that they have a back up plan!
Matthew: steam train driver, scientist. These two jobs would allow him to enjoy his passion for trains and information.

Anya: a mummy, possibly work with animals but not a vet. Caring and nurturing.

Zach: a policeman. He likes to give authority rather than accept it 🙂


I always wanted to be a teacher just like mey mum, but life rarely turns out the way we planned. I had no back up plan and by the time I’d figured out what I wanted to do life got in the way.
I am temporarily working as a teaching assistant again and finding it hugely rewarding but I’m sooooo knackered! Maybe I need some Zig a zig ahhhh!

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