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#Blogtober2020 Day 26: Truly Madly Deeply

Things that I love, truly, madly, deeply. Not my husband or kids as they’ve already had a #Blogtober post this month!
Chips: no explanation needed…
Joe Wicks workouts and running: I have always been anti-exercise after hating PE at school. But Joe Wicks really inspired me during lockdown and now I have completed the Couch to 5k challenge too.

Crisps: perfect with wine and humous in the evenings!
Reading: you might have guessed this from the number of book reviews on my blog!
Naps: I get really tired after eating lunch and even Zach bouncing on my back can’t stop me snoozing!

Cross stitch: I have been cross stitching for about 25 years and was a knitter before that. My challenge this year has been to stitch the six wives of Henry VIII and I’ve almost finished the last one!

Family get togethers: the bigger the better. I love catching up with wider family at big events like weddings.
History: my degree major was this subject and I still love it! We try to visit lots of castles and heritage sites each year

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