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#Blogtober2020 Day 3: Sweet Child O’ Mine

Not just one sweet child but three! And they’re very rarely sweet at the same time! Usually there is one of them playing up while the other two suddenly go on their best behaviour. I seriously have no idea if they plan this in advance, communicate psychically or if it is just coincidence!


So let’s start with Matthew my eldest at the grand old age of 10. I have been a mumĀ  for a whole decade! Matt is an intelligent and passionate child (dinosaurs, trains, gaming) and will chew your ear off on a subject. He has a mathematical brain and an almost photographic memory for facts. He has perfect manners but is a messy eater.

Anya is more tricky to define as she likes almost everything! Aged 8, she is a middle child so often craves attention, but also my only daughter so frequently asks to do hair, make up and spa sessions together (smart as well as sassy!) She is fiercely competitive with Matthew but motherly towards Zach. She is creative and loves building things on Minecraft or doing arts and crafts or writing. Her handwriting is beautiful and I love her fantastic ideas for stories and games.

Zach is a four year old whirlwind. He was the happiest of all my babies but is now able to tantrum with the best! He is incredibly brainy but only for the subject he is fascinated on: he loves words and numbers and is the only one of my three that could read when they started school, as well as knowing some times tables and a smattering of Russian!


  1. hahaha! I think it’s a sibling rule that is one is misbehaving the others are on their best behaviour. My girls are the same.
    Your children really do sound lovely. You must be very proud of them. x

  2. It’s lovely to read how different your kids are, and about their personalities. Mine are so different to each other but I am fairly sure they plot behind my back to cause chaos and be, ahem, feral. It’s a child versus parent rule!!

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