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This has not been a good week for bloggers

Social media seems to have been conspiring against us bloggers/digital influencers (or whatever the heck we are) this week.

First Facebook announced changes to the feed which will result in less posts being shown unless we pay to promote them. Not a problem if you have a big following, plenty of sponsored posts and a regular income. I don’t.

Then a company attacked a blogger asking for a freebie in exchange for promoting their business. The response was hideously vitriolic. I have written before at my surprise that bloggers are so poorly thought of by companies and the general public. Yet I am daily bombarded with offers to try products or insert links with little or no compensation. The benefit to the company is always far more than to the blogger. Yes a free product is nice but it won’t pay the bills or mortgage!
Today I got an email from YouTube to inform me that my channel will lose its monetisation as I do not have enough views or subscribers. This was a major blow and even more so as I worked really hard the LAST time they changed the rules removing monetisation from channels without 10,000 views.
The odds certainly seem stacked against me and many other bloggers and vloggers at the moment. It is ironic that we are encouraged to make use of small businesses but big business are trying to kill us off, true in the real world and the digital one as well.
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  1. Yeah it has been a bit of a downer this week…to add onto the general downer than is January. Hoping there will be some better news round the corner. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  2. Ray

    It’s been a though one hasn’t it. How are any businesses meant to grow – how are new ideas ever going to surface if everything is crushed and remains ‘unknown’ because big companies like it that way.

  3. I never made any money from YouTube anyway so that one didn’t bother me much. The Facebook thing will make an impact but to be honest I don’t have a huge following so I imagine that will be short-lived too. The thing that bothers me most is how brands and the public seem to view bloggers – they all think we ask for things for FREE. Like we’re simply asking for something and offering nothing in return. They don’t see the hard work that goes into EVERY SINGLE POST. They don’t see the hours spent editing, creating images, sharing photos. It’s sometimes exhausting!

  4. That nasty attack against the poor blogger left me sleepless that night so I wrote a post about him the next day. He’s made many nasty remarks in the past and I have had enough of it!! I agree, we get asked to write for free all the time, what is the difference? Making a living as a blogger is not the easiest career choice is it!? #coolmumclub

  5. MMT

    I feel a little in the dark about these things as I’m neither on facebook nor You tube (I did it my way lol). BUt I feel for all the bloggers who have hard grafted to make a business via those platforms. And that Elle scenario – that was awful wasn’t it? Sadly the company did manage to secure a heap of free promo by the fuss that was kicked up, which is ironic isn’t it?
    Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub – and we aren’t going anywhere 🙂

  6. suz

    Platforms like YouTube are forever changing their rules. Facebook seems to change it’s algorithms weekly. That’s where the linky’s come in 🙂

  7. jen

    I find my traffic from facebook is already ridiculously poor! It has been a rough week though, you’re right. I’m still being trolled after the fallout from the social influencer being outed. I’m learning not to feed the trolls! #coolmumclub

  8. Yep I’ve been hit by YouTube and Facebook too, sucks doesn’t it. And the things that man did to that poor blogger, well, he is an awful person. I pity him really. What a week hey #blogstravaganza

  9. I find it really hard to get my facebook posts seen. I have just switched to a business profile for instagram because I needed access to the statistics for the client, but I’m worried that it will affect the interactions with my account (<- if instagram want me to pay to promote stuff).

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