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The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen

I have not experienced Scandinavian crime fiction before despite the popularity of TV shows and books in recent years. I bought this book months ago as part of a special offer and finally got around to reading it: I’m annoyed I waited!
A man is killed at the home of an elderly woman who finds his body on her return from hospital. The plot centres around a group of children who bullied another. Now it is time for revenge…
In an additional sub plot, one of the police officers on the case believes she had been drugged and date raped but doesn’t want her colleagues to find out. I admit that I really didn’t like this new strand when it was introduced as I wanted to focus on the main plot but by the end of the book I had my fingers crossed that the perpetrator would be brought to justice.
There is a huge twist just 40 pages from the end. Jaw dropping, literally!
I really enjoyed this book and have just found out that it is the first of a series involved the police team so am hoping to buy some more!

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