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The Secrets You Keep by Kate White

It’s been a while since I’ve read a psychological thriller and this was an excellent place to start again.
Bryn Harper is an author recovering from a road accident that led to the death of the driver of the car. Why was she in his car and why did the crash occur? Bryn is haunted by these questions and the novel begins with a nightmare about being trapped.
Her relationship with her husband is at breaking point as they are spending a lot more time together and he is starting to get impatient at her lack of recovery. To make amends, Bryn agrees to host some of his colleagues for a dinner party but when money disappears she confronts the caterer.
The next day the caterer is found murdered and Bryn’s life is scrutinised and thrown into turmoil as the police investigation makes her question the honesty of her husband and her own memory.
This book was well written, fast paced and will have you distrusting all of the characters!

*I read this book through my Net Galley membership

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