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#Blogtober2020 Day 16: Holiday

My perfect holiday is perhaps surprising in that I don’t want to sit on a beach and read for a week! Instead, I like cultural holidays. Taking in the history, language and people of a place. Visiting tourist attractions as well as exploring little villages and big cities. We have taken some wonderful holidays together […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 15: All That She Wants

My 40th birthday is coming up next year! So today I thought I would share my wish list (no pressure Chris!) Time with family. There is no one else that I would like to share my big day with! Diamond earrings. A big meal out or a family party. Definitely a pipe dream with covid […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 14: Wannabe

Time to pass this post over to my kids to find out what they want to be when they’re older. The older two want to be YouTubers. Matthew doing a train channel and Anya a gaming channel. However, I have insisted that they have a back up plan! Matthew: steam train driver, scientist. These two […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 13: Fame

Fame is not for me. Perhaps you were expecting me to say something different. I am a blogger after all, and share my life in public! I did not start a blog to be famous. I did it to support other mums who feel like they are floundering about and that it is ok to […]

#Blogtober2020 Day 12: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Girls Just Want To Have Fun! So do boys! But after the passion for dinosaurs and trains that my boys exhibit, Anya is a whole diferent kettle of fish, floating from activity to activity rather than obsessing. Anya is wonderfully creative and likes to do ‘grown up things’ like cooking, spa time and makeup. She […]