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Project 365 2018

#Project365 week 47

Day 322: finally got the chance to try out one of the bath bombs that I made last week at Lush in Basingstoke. Gorgeous pink colour and the smell was amazing! Day 323: I always say that I hate doing crafts but actually I love cross stitch and used to knit. I like crafts that […]

#Project365 week 46

Day 315: feeling very proud of Matthew and Anya in the Remembrance Sunday parade. Day 316: time with my sister at Lush Basingstoke looking at all the fab vegan or vegetarian products ready for Christmas! Day 317: another blogging event: this time to see the new Fantastic Beasts film! Day 318: midweek pancake treat Day […]

#Project365 week 45

A busy week workwise and familywise! Day 308: Zach loves preschool and is having a good go at writing! Day 309: fireworks! The Beaver and Cubs held a joint evening of fun. It was nowhere near as cold as last year! Day 310: a busy day with 2 hours of training in the morning and […]

#Project365 week 44

Day 301: Matt certainly had fun with the Smashers toys! (take a look at the giveaway!) Day 302: panic! My Blogtober post was late and I had to get a craft done asap! Zach loved it 🙂 Day 303: the Bake Off final and my first ever try of gin! Day 304: off trick or […]

#Project365 week 43 half term!

How has your half term been? Day 294: Zach versus chocolate mousse… Day 295: date night playing What’s That Smell with my husband (will never get bored of calling him that!) Day 296: two weeks ago I posted a pic of our gorgeous tree and now it is looking a little bare but the ground […]