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Project365 2019

#Project365 2019 week 36

Day 244: some couple time with Chris, watching the Lion King. It was fabulous and the animation was incredible: I sometimes forgot it was a film because it was so realistic it was like a documentary. Then they would speak or burst into song! Day 245: trying out a new fashion trend. My first wearing […]

#Project365 2019 week 35

Day 237: enjoying the funfair at Dymchurch Day 238: a little bit of train spotting at the RHDR crossing at the end of my mother in law’s road before heading home Day 239: Great British Bake Off is back but my vegan double chocolate biscuits will not make the grade! I burnt the first batch […]

#Project365 2019 week 34

Day 230: walking calmly towards a giant t rex at the Lexicon in Bracknell! Day 231: we went to Basingstoke with my sister and family for a blogging event and spotted this Jane Austen statue. We were trying to work out if it was lifesize or a little small? Anyone know how tall Jane was? […]

#Project365 2019 weeks 32 and 33

Our holiday is now a dim and distant memory but I have finally finished going through all my pics so can now be back on track with #Project365 by doing a double-week post (although I haven’t got around to adding to Instagram yet) Day 216: Home at last! Ollie was thrilled to be reunited with […]

#Project365 2019 week 31: holiday!

I’m still desperately playing catch up and going through THOUSANDS of  holiday photos so remain a week late with #Project365 Day 209: a very soggy day in Glasgow. Whilst dashing through the puddles we spotted an advert for the T Rex at Kelvin Hall. Expensive but possibly the only chance we will ever get to […]