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Project365 2022

#Project365 2022 week 47

Day 325: well, at least the dogs were happy to be out for a walk! Day 326:  apologies for how awful I look before 7am in the rain but I couldn’t resist a run! Day 327: first England match of the World Cup Day 328: Anya having her first hairdresser hairwash Day 329: and the […]

#Project365 2022 week 46

Day 318: early morning entertainment for the pups, not sure they are actually interested in Youtube… Day 319: Zach’s first Beavers parade Day 320: random drawing challenge I set for Anya and Zach, to draw a chicken riding a reindeer. Not bad, eh?! Day 321: fingers crossed that me and Chris never say this to […]

#Project365 2022 week 45

Day 311: when you dig out the old dog bed and realise the new dogs are almost invisible on it… Day 312: after months of searching, my mum finally found a blancmange packet and Matt is exceedingly grateful! Day 313: who will be the Word Master champion? Day 314: just your average day at school […]

#Project365 2022 week 44

Day 304: kids on their way to a sleepover at Mum and Dad’s Day 305: Anya and Zach (and me!) had lots of fun creating our own piece of art with the Lite Brite we were sent to review Day 306: trick or treating. We went to one house before it started raining, booooo ! […]

#Project365 2022 week 43

Day 297: Zach loves making the animals from the Kid K’Nex Zoo Friends set we were sent to review Day 298: still refusing to put the heating on so have upgraded to Christmas PJs!   Day 299: following hours of rain and thunderstorms, our river walk was mostly under water. We discovered the hard way […]