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Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen set review

My children absolutely adore role play games so I was thrilled to be able to share with them this Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen set. The focus is on breakfast with a coffee percolator, kettle, toaster, cutlery, crockery and play food. There are stickers to apply and I would recommend that an adult place them. I […]

Fiesta Crafts unicorn head card craft kit

I’m sure that many other mums with girls have unicorns dotted all around the house. I don’t remember them being soooo popular when I was a child but now they definitely are!   Anya adores unicorns so I was excited to receive this Fiesta card craft kit to review. There are several different kits available […]

Join the Vet Squad on an animal adventure!

Anya loves animals so the new range of Vet Squad toys is perfect for unleashing her caring side as well as having the thrill of an animal rescue! We were sent a range of toys to review, including vets, pets, vehicles and wild animals. There are four vet characters: Ava, Robin, Emily and Yara.  I […]

Cutetitos: who will you unwrap?

Super cute, sweet smelling and very cuddly: the Cutetitos have arrived! Anya has not stopped cuddling her three Cutetitos! They have been in bed with her each night. We can smell her coming now as the fruity smell enters the room before she does. The wraps are so soft and my mum said they felt […]

44 Cats playhouse sets and plush toy review

44 Cats is a daily children’s TV show on Pop that follows the lives of a musical band of cats who are collectively The Buffycats, and now you can make your own games with a new range of toys. The main characters are Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Meatball who have transformed a garage into a […]