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Birthdays! (Wednesday 31st May)

It has been a busy couple of days with first Matthew’s birthday and then mine!
My oldest baby is 7. How did that happen?! 7 whole years have passed since I first held that tiny (8lb 5oz! bad memory is a wonderful thing…) baby and became a mum. 7 years of watching him become a wonderful person. 7 years of feeling a love I didn’t know I was capable of.
We had hoped to go to the Sandhurst Donkey Derby but found out last week that it wasn’t going ahead πŸ™ Matthew decided on a McDonald’s lunch so that was easy to do and the branch in Bracknell we went to had a soft play area inside and a playground opposite.
I cleverly (last minute panic) made a cake. Matt wanted a Hulk cake but I didn’t have the right colours to decorate so convinced him that a 7 cake would be great. Whe looked at from the other side it was an L for me πŸ™‚ 2 cakes for the effort of 1 and wheat free so I could enjoy it too.
He spent most of the day building Lego, a mix of Star Wars, Marvel and Ninjago. One very happy little boy!

Then it was my turn. 36, huh? Still technically in my mid 30s πŸ™‚ The day started earlier than I would have liked with a suspicious incident involving Zach’s musical seahorse getting switched on and waking him at 6.10 πŸ™ We had a lovely day with my sister and family in Basingstoke and the kids all played beautifully together.
My superstar present was from Chris: this mug with Little Miss Blogger from the Mr Men and Little Miss series! Love it , love it, love it!!!
The day finished curled up in bed with my book, something I haven’t done since before Zach was born. Zzzzz…


  1. Jon

    Hope he’s had a great Birthday. All that StarWars lego stuff reminds me how I saw a death star lego set at the weekend for Β£400+ !!! Clearly a present for adults!

  2. Love your blogger mug. Our kids do grow up way too fast don’t they. It’s scary. Booo to the donkey derby not being on but sounds like you had a great day. Happy belated birthday to you both

  3. Happy 7th birthday and happy 36th. It sounds like a really lovely day and what fab presents. Go you for making that cake and so clever for it to be a 7 and an L. I absolutely love your mug! I want one for myself. I’m also jealous of you reading in bed, I don’t remember the last time I got to do that. x

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  5. Happy birthday to you both. As I sit here and browse #thatfridaylinky I’m actually supposed to be setting up for my daughter’s sixth birthday party. Makes me a bit melancholy every year, it really does go by so fast

  6. Happy birthday to both of you. What awesome pics and presents!! My son would love all that lego!! It’s scary how quick the years pass, when I was young years actually felt like decades!! Your cup is awesome πŸ™‚ xx #DreamTeam

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