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Five things I’m looking forward to next week (Friday 21st April)

So today is the last day of the holidays and we have a few last things planned for the weekend. Then it is back to school for the kids and work for me (all 3 jobs as we enter exam season! see my exam advice if you have kids taking exams this year)
We have had a lovely Easter holiday but there are some things I cannot wait for next week:
  • Exfoliating and epilating my legs
Even Anya has noticed that my legs are in a dire state and she took pity on me and started plucking them for me this week so I can’t wait to give myself a little attention

  • Look for some trousers that FIT
I have regained my pre-baby weight but am carrying it differently so my trousers no longer fit 🙁 I am between sizes so everything is too baggy or too tight which is really frustrating so a shopping trip is on the cards
  • My search for some comfy shoes/sandals/flipflops continues
I strive every year to find comfortable summer shoes to wear on the school run. I want something pretty which I can walk in for 30 minutes. Doesn’t sound too tricky, does it?! Yet it eludes me every time!
  • Cooking and baking
I had forgotten how much kids eat. At Christmas Zach was still on miniscule portions but now he has upped the quantity so the meals I had batched cooked and stored in the freezer disappeared quicker than anticipated. I also avoid baking with the kids around as it works best one at a time and that hasn’t been possible this holiday. Plus Zach can’t be left alone for more than a nanosecond without screaming his head off or trashing something. So I can’t wait to get cooking and baking again!
  • Time for blogging!
I love my kids more than life itself but this is how I have been working the past 2 weeks
So a little bit of personal space will be very much appreciated!



  1. I’ve just been on a big shopping spree for summer clothes for our forthcoming move. It felt very strange to be only buying summer gear. I know what you mean with regards to comfortable summer shoes. I too find them rather elusive! And I only wear flats….

  2. Whoop…shopping is always something to look forward to…the pic with your daughter is so cute….you’ll update this post when it’s all done yea? I’ll like to see how you handled it

  3. I need to shave or wax my legs also. My kids are finally going back to school from spring break thank god and I can have some time for myself and blogging. Seriously not looking forward to summer break hahahaha.

  4. Jen

    Sunday morning, and I was a little zoned out until I started reading this. Your first sentence, yup, second, yup, and then you came to the leg thing and I burst out laughing! YUP! It is so nice to know it isn’t just me. I’ve found the Easter holidays hard work, and had no time to just be me. My lovely green block from Lush is sitting in it’s tin in the bathroom shouting at me (exfloiating), and my elipator is in a huff. My legs…totally covered. So for me, next week is catch uo week. House, work, and me. Thank you for making me feel more normal, hope next week is good for you.

  5. I’ve loved half term and having the kids home. We’ve had so many lovely days out and spend some lovely times together. I do feel a bit sad that they’re going back to school next week, but I know the girls have missed school and their friends. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  6. Nige

    Sounds like you have everything sorted for next week hope all goes well Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  7. As much as I love Stacey being off school, I’m ready for her to go back so I can have a little break lol. She and Oscar have been fighting like cat and dog this last fortnight so I’ve got nothing done.

    5 things I want to try and get done this next week are …

    01. Give the fridge and freezer a good clean out
    02. Photograph and list some items for sale on eBay
    03. Write at least 5 blog post
    04. Film at least 3 videos
    05. Make a start on birthday present shopping for Oscar

    Louise x

  8. I work part time and the mornings are when I get my peace and quiet. To say I yearn for it at times is an understatement! haha And as far as I am concerned, baking of any kind is best avoided when you have “volunteers” hah 🙂

  9. The little things hey! It’s nice to have time as a family but bloody hell that was a long easter holiday!! I’m looking forward to having some much needed time together this week while the eldest is at school! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays xx

  10. Oh have a look at Salt Water sandals. I have big issues with my feet and arthritis pains, but these are by far the most comfy sandals and ones I can wear all day. I LOVE them!

  11. Know how you feel re the leg situation! Lol. Sounds like a good week I would also like to get some shopping/cooking/blogging done this week but not sure it’s going to be possible with my newborn and 16 month old!

  12. Love the post! The pic is great!! I could really do with some more blogging time- but having just finished maternity leave and with a 7 month old I seem to have less and less…#mumlife #anythinggoes

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  15. I totally feel you on the shoe thing – boots are the only things I seem to be comfortable in. Summer shoes are always too tight or too sloppy or they rub or something!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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