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Monday 10 October: Zach is 6 months old!

Wowser! 6 months gone already?! How is that even possible?


This time 6 months ago I was pacing the floor waiting to go into hospital to be induced. Zach was my least popular child at that moment. Skip forward 6 months to today and Matthew and Anya had a mighty battle before the school run. The cause? Who would flush Zach’s poo down the toilet. I kid you not: this was the matter so important that it necessitated UN intervention (UN being Unrestrained Nagging in this instance).


Matthew and Anya went for lunch with my Mum and Dad yesterday. Mum reported much hilarity that Anya had used the phrase ‘I can’t deal with that now’ when asked to do something. Yes that it one of my phrases, usually used when I am cooking or feeding/changing Zach and one of the elder two suddenly decide that their light sabre needs re-inflating or a Lego set must be fetched immediately. I swore never to say it again but inevitably found myself resorting to it when asked for help colouring whilst hanging out washing. Gggrrrrr!

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