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National Star Wars Day (Thursday 4th May)

May the fourth be with you!!!

I think it is safe to say I am a Star Wars fanatic. I have seen the original trilogy perhaps 50 times and the prequel trilogy about 25 times (over 200 films altogether!). Last night we watched Rogue One and I think it is fair to say I would class it with the originals rather than the prequels in terms of quality. The children have watched Episodes 1-6 and are obsessed with the Lego versions.


So what is it that is so special? The music is magnificent. The dialogue is clunky but distinctive. The characters are memorable. The plots are believable (except the midi-chlorian nonsense). The settings are stunning. The beginning is iconic with the scrolling words 🙂

But more than that, it has been there for my whole life. I remember sitting with my family watching it on VHS during the 1980s. I remember seeing Episode 1 on the first night of release with friends. I remember the outrage when they put Hayden Christensen in the final scene of Return of the Jedi for the DVD release. I remember the anticipation when the sequel trilogy and spin offs were announced. I feel that I know these characters. I understand them, I care what happens to them.
There is a reason that so many people claim to be Jedi on the census: it is a way of life that unites nature with life. Aliens are tolerated and accepted, their value is in their character not their appearance. As a child it really resonated with me that Yoda was small but could still achieve great things, self belief and perseverance are essential to success.

When there is trouble ahead ‘I have a bad feeling about this’. Sometimes on a difficult day, I take a deep breath and repeat this mantra ‘The Force is with me. I am one with the Force’. The children will not turn me to the Dark Side. I will rise up greater than anyone can ever imagine.
The brilliant thing is that I have found my soul mate in Chris. We share our excitement over Star Wars news. As a family we all watched the teaser trailer for Episode 8 (including my parents). We seem to have amassed a huge Lego Star Wars collection and Matthew loves designing his own star destroyers as well as making the sets.

Have a happy Star Wars Day and may the Force be with you. Always.


  1. I shall have to tell my fiancé that its National Star Wars day. He loves the franchise, so will definitely be thinking about a marathon movie session.

  2. Did we have the same life or what? 🙂 I too remember watching it with the family when growing up, and yes VHS tapes. I too have seen it countless number of times. I love the story, the characters and yes there are so many life lessons right there. My two kids aged 12 and 10 love the series as well and we all watched the last installation on the first day release in Paris. LOL good to know that there are other moms like me 🙂

  3. I feel like I’m about to add another person to my list of horrified Star Wars fans when I say… I have still never watched Star Wars. I apologise 🙁 this makes me more inclined to watch though, if it’s any consolation!

  4. I must confess I have never seen any Star Wars….however my sons inform me that this is soon to change. They have scheduled a whole Star Wars marathon over half term!!Those boys have a lot to answer for….this is how my Doctor Who obsession started… #sharingthebloglove

  5. I’ve seen a few of the films, and remember enjoying them. I can’t say I’ve ever paid the day much thought, but I can see why it’s quite special in terms of bonding to you and your family, and I think that’s really brilliant! #stayclassymama

  6. Now please don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen any of the Stars Wars! I know they’re very popular, however somehow I’ve missed it as I grew up.

  7. Hi Laura. I’ve been hearing Star Wars mentioned a lot today and now I know why. I’ve never watched any of the films, but do find it great that you’ve managed to take something you love and apply it to your everyday life! How fun is that?

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  8. My husband is a mega Star Wars fan. I have to admit I’ve never seen any of the films. They just never appealed but he’s determined to make me watch them with the boy when the time comes!

  9. Awwww……so sweet; I love the fact that you’re watching this movie with your kids……adorable moment….well done. Arghhh….now I gotta go watch these. Thanks for sharing, I’ve been thinking of what to watch lately xx

  10. Star Wars… I like your pic with your kids on the couch, and your son with the star wars game… remind me of my childhood memory. For generations to come..

  11. Happy Star Wars Day! We’re big fans in our house too and we’re loving the new Star Wars films. We also Star Wars Rebels, do you watch them too? Love the fact that you repeat the mantra the force is with you – I’m going to start doing that!

  12. MMT

    Trying to think of a witty comment when you have never watched Star Wars is kinda awkward. Not seen any, not one bit. It’s on my to do list!

    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub!

  13. Jen

    I haven’t watched any of them in a long time. When my elder son was still at home, he would regularly watch them and I’d enjoy them. I’m a little different to most though, as I really like the three prequels.
    Now my younger son, 5, can be found weidling a light sabre of Kilo Ren, wearing a bath snug of Kilo Ren and sleeping in bed covers with Star Wars on. He loves the Lego stuff, although not quite old enough for all the amazing models yet.

  14. This made me smile reading it, just because you obviously have such a passion for it. And you met your Star Wars lobster! It’s actually made me think I should get the DVDs and see how my little B likes them! x

  15. I too am a major fan of Star Wars, not so much over the new movies but the old ones defo. Today is the day that I will be watching all the originals, here is to the weekend.

  16. GIRL! I can relate 10000000x. I LOVE ME SOME STAR WARS. I have so much fan merch around my house it’s silly. Well not silly but scary. On a side note Star Wars Lego is so expensive.. how much did that box set you back? #Blogstravagnaza

  17. I’ve never watched any of the films, but after reading this I love the message it gives. I should definitely make it my mission to start them from the beginning! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  18. Hubby is still smarting that Isaac wasn’t born on his due date (4th May) – I would have lost my choice of name to him if he had been though

  19. I have never watched star wars but have numerous star wars lego in the house and my kids love it. I think I might have to watch at least one soon so I don’t feel totally left out! Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  20. That’s so lovely that you all love it as a family! I’m ashamed to admit that until I met my husband I had never seen a Star Wars film. He made me sit down and watch the original trilogy with him and we both love the new ones too. I have to admit that I love the Disney takeover! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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